Combine Delicious Delta 9 Chcolate Bars with Fresh Strawberries

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Summer is the perfect time to combine strawberries with Delta 9 Chcolate Bars. Below, is the recipe. It’s simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

What You’ll Need

Let’s start with the ingredients. First, you’ll need Delta 9 Chcolate Bars. Start with at least a dozen – or a baker’s dozen if you prefer. In addition to the bars, ingredients include:

• Strawberries

• Sprinkles and other toppings

• Chocolate drizzle

Getting the Chocolate Ready

Wash the strawberries in a pan of water. Next, melt the chocolate bars over medium heat with a little bit of water in the pan. Place the chocolate in a bowl that fits snuggly over the saucepan in a way that keeps the chocolate from touching the water. The indirect heat melts the chocolate in an even fashion. Stir the chocolate gently as it melts.

If something faster is preferred, the microwave can be used to melt the chocolate. Put the microwave on half power for one minute.

Adding the Strawberries

Dry the strawberries. Next, slowly twist each strawberry as you dip it into the chocolate that has been melted. Do this individually for each strawberry. After all your strawberries have been dipped, place them on parchment paper on a tray. Place the tray in the refrigerator and let them sit overnight. Doing so allows the chocolate to solidify.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Lastly, put chocolate drizzle or any other preferred toppings on your chocolate-covered strawberries. This should be done before you place the strawberries in the fridge. Enjoy your strawberries dipped in chocolate and the benefits of the chocolate that’s used.

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